Looking deeper into sample

Ok… I know I am posting a lot, and a bit of it is angry… I was in shock a little yesterday. Lol!

So the hospital rang again today to confirm that my appointment was cancelled as there was further work needed on my Lletz sample. I asked the secretary what this means and she very kindly called histology to ask. They have said they need to cut deeper into the sample to confirm the diagnosis. The secretary in histology couldn’t however if say the sample was normal or abnormal as she doesn’t have permission to disclose such information.

I assume they mean cancer or not cancer as the cells are obviously abnormal or they wouldn’t have been removed, haha!

Any thoughts?


it's never good to assume anything as it might work you into a panic for no reason.

It could mean that the results from one of the technicians is inconclusive or it could mean they haven't had the second person to verify the original findings as I do believe most labs require 2 people to view the tissue as to reduce the risk of misreading of the tissue for insurance purposes. It could also mean they found cancer but need a senior pathologist to confirm. It could mean that the margins were not clear by enough so a new measurement has to be done....

so you see, there are many different things that it could mean. Each lab has there own set of protocols they have to adhere too.

Pls try to stay positive as you will have the answer soon and then you will be on to another question or issue. So take a break and have a great weekend and keep busy. 

Thank you. They have definitely said they need to do new work deeper on the sample, so it isn't just a check... But I know it isn't necessarily bad. 

I know even if it is back won't find out till Thursday but I am so stressed with it now. Had loads of other stuff going on with bereavement and my poor brain just needs a break! I was so set to know what was going on by now that I am just bummed. I'll bounce back quick enough. 


When I said I assume they mean cancer or not cancer I meant it more in the way of that's all I care about, haha.

Hi ya, it could also be a mismatch As in your smear says one thing but the biopsy doesnt show it at all.  Hence the need to look at the sample again.  I hopenits  news for you on Thursday. 

My original smear said mild abnormalities, but the consultant tool one look and had me in for GA. 

my biopsy from colposcopy was inadequate so this it the results from what was removed at Lletz.