Long wait for results

Seriously does anyone know why it takes so long for biopsy results! Why 6 weeks wait what do they do with them!

I'm getting so anxious waiting 

I'm not sure. I thought maybe it was because of Coronavirus and the huge backlog? How long have you been waiting now?

Also waiting on my biopsy results, the postman hasn't visited our house all this week either, I'm constantly checking the post for results letter incase its early lol. Struggling to return to normality without the results. 


I had my biopsy on 26th June and I had the results 2 weeks later on 10th July. I think it just depends how busy they are and where about a you are as well! I'd say if you have waited longer than 6 weeks to give the hospital a ring to check though. The wait isn't nice is it, I've just had LLETZ and hoping my results come as fast as the biopsy ones.
Hope you're not waiting too much longer!!

I had LLETZ done on 13th July & still waiting on results :-( It's 4-weeks Monday. I totally get how you're feeling as I literally jump up as soon as the post has been. He's gone past our house today & nothing for us so another weekend of not knowing. It's so hard isn't it. I did ring the clinic & they said it's taking 4-5 weeks due to backlog. Fingers crossed we all get our results (& good news) very soon!

Emma x

I had my colposcopy nearly 6 weeks ago and still havent had any results :( Was told it could take up to 8 weeks... I'm choosing to believe that the longer the wait the more positive the outcome...


I hope your results come back soon and it's nothing to worry about :)