Long term side effects of cone biopsy help

Hi all just wondering what others have experienced long term side effects after having a come biopsy done? I had mine done in feb this year after coloscopy and letz procedures. Since the cone biopsy I've been really moody, periods are shorter ( were about 4 days long now only 1-2) and really painful the whole time where as period pain was never a problem before. Also I have notice some facial hair growth, not a huge amount but noticeable. Anyone been through this too? 

Hi, sorry you're still suffering 3 months on. I'm afraid I can't offer you much advice, but I have just been through this procedure myself 7 days ago.

I'm currently suffering from stomach cramps and back ache which I assume is normal at this point? I'm not really feeling moody but I am feeling tired and a bit low.

I hope it gets better for you and it's not a sign of things to come for me!

Can I ask you how long it took for your histology results to come back? My consultant said 2 to 3 weeks, but this last week seems to have dragged and I can't bear waiting another 2 weeks to find out

Hope you feel better soon

Lisa x

Abnormal Smear 15/04/2013, Colposcopy & Lletz Procedure 30/04/2013, Diagnosed CC 15/05/2013, Cone Biopsy under GA 03/06/2013 awaiting results...