Long Term Effects of LLETZ

Hi Everyone. This is my first time posting here.

I had the LLETZ performed coming up two years ago and had quite a sizable area of my cervical tissue removed. 

Ever since there has been a linger affect eating away at me and making me crazy; and I have never been able to find a shred of information about it. 

I am hoping other may have had the same experience can share their outcome and if things ever improved. I apologise if it is tmi.

Since I had the treatment, sensitivity and feeling down there has never really recovered or been the same. It is significantly diminished and sexually speaking, it seems to me that i have very little feeling/sensation internally.

Can anyone relate to this?

Oh my god, I feel like I could have written this feeling myself. 

This happened to me 13 years ago. I thought I was the only woman in the world who had this problem until in January this year I connected with another woman who had written an article online about the exact same thing. She went to US to see doctors as no-one in the Uk acknowledged the issue or could help her. 

We now have a support group on fb with 144 women dealing with similiar issues. We now know looking at a few small studies that it may effect 15% of women yet no-one is talking about it, or telling us about the risks beforehand. Sexuality is focused on the clitoris, but actually the cervix too is involved in orgasm, as many women are not aware of. That's why our sexuality gets harmed by this procedure. I could go on! 

If you want to join our fb group it's called Healing From LLETZ. I'm a writer, and have been blogging about this, and fingers crossed we will have a national newspaper story soon, to raise awareness so women don't have to deal with these horrible side effects alone.