Long awaited colposcopy /review

The long awaited colposcopy appointment has finally arrived five months after smear test and three long months after biopsy appointment.  I'm actually so relieved that it's finally here (Thursday) here and I can finally get some answers and who knows maybe even some treatment!!! Nerves are starting to kick in, I just want it over and done so I can get on with my life, so much has been put on hold holidays etc   I'd appreciate any questions you think I need to ask.  Thankyou all for letting me vent over the past few months ... You were all brilliant and I'm glad to call you friends! Xxx

My experience is pretty similar to yours, I am so happy and excited to have recieved a letter today inviting me back for a second smear and colposcopy :-) 

Granted I havnt waited as long as you, which must have been excruciating as I found they dont really explain too much to you just leave you somewhat hanging, especially after sharing with you what they have found :-(

I had my smear in Jan and was shocked to see i had abnormalities and was testing positive for hpv, that had me in tear as ive never recieved a bad smear before, then had a letter inviting me to a colposcopy 6 weeks later. Which I had on 16th march. The dr said she could see high grade precancerous cells and that I would need them removed under a ga as they were very awkward to reach with normal lletz under la. But to wait for biopsy results before they would do that. Biopsy results came 2 weeks later beginning of april saying they came back normal, but this was odd as the colposcopist was very sure she had seen these cells so they would review my case at an mdt and let me know in due course, that got my alarm bells ringing as I was under the impression I needed these cells out, not to keep me waiting. 6 weeks on, today I finally get a letter saying they would like me back in at the end of may to repeat my smear and colposcopy again. So really back to square one, but at least I am getting a second opinion. 

The wait has been horrendous as my mind cant help think the worst, but shoved it to the back of my mind as all the worrying was doing me no good. I was also assured that even with these high grade cells my life was not at risk whilst they took thier time to decide, so that helped me somewhat too.

I think they forget that they deal with this day in day out and it is very common, but for us who may have never experienced anything like this before they forget how frightening it can be.

I wish you all the best with your colposcopy and hope you get the treatment you need xx