Loneliness and my thought patterns

I am trying to be kind to myself and acknowledge that this is a problem I should talk about, even though I know this may not be as serious as others are experiencing. For all intents and purposes I have a good life. I live in a nice suburb, in a nice apartment, have kept my job as a legal adviser during COVID and otherwise am comfortable. 

I guess my question is: should I do something within these sad moments, or should I continue to allow myself to feel these sad moments to help process the pain. I’m concerned that whilst I should allow myself to feel sad without judgement, if I don’t actively take steps to combat these moments, that it may turn into a cycle of self pity.


Checking in on this.

You should try not to compare yourself with others, you are allowed to feel sad despite your circumstances. Take the time to feel sad and so the right thing for you. I know it's easier said than done. X

Thank you Kim, poinst taken. Is this how you cope? 

I usually do some little walk at my garden and eat more green food. You can never go wrong with vegetables. 

Hi HockeyMilk, how are you doing today?  I have a similar pattern from the sound of it.  I had been "ok" for a little while but the last few months I've felt increasingly sad and at times simply bereft / full of grief - extremely powerful feelings, raw and hard to convey to those around me because of course this hasn't happened to them.  I had been seeing a counsellor since before my diagnosis; we both agree it's important I feel these feelings - I worry if I try not to feel them they will just come around in another way later down the line.  Do you have a neutral support you can talk to to process what's happened to you?  Diagnosis and treatment is a big old emotional and physical bunch of fuckery, it takes time to get used to living with it I think. xx

I'm on the process of finding one. But yeah, I agree it does take time.