London informal let's meet - 14 January

Jess has been in touch from the jungle and will be in London for a few days and would like to meet up. We’ve agreed on 14 January (thursday) and she would love to see everyone! It’s most likely to be in central London somewhere.

Z xx

Just reminding everyone that this is happening next week!!

Z x


I’m still up for coming along…Blast away those January blues with a couple of glasses of wine.

Any idea where she wants to meet up?

Bethany x :wink: x

She’s left it up to me. Am feeling uninspired - London somewhere. Any suggestions?

Z x

Assuming it’s around Waterloo, we could go to one of the restaurants by the South Bank…Giraffe or something like that? Any idea of numbers?

So far around 10 I think. Possibles so far are

hana (possibly)
Dee (possibly)
Jenny C

Giraffe’s a good idea as that’s where we went for the march so most of us have been there.

Z x

I’m afraid this has been postponed to April as Jess has unsuitable clothing (having been in the tropics for months) and there are still transport issues.

Z x