Local meetings/groups

Hi all,

Right you lovely lot on here, is anyone from England and from the Yorkshire area? and if so do you know of any support groups? I'm 29 and in East Yorkshire and haven't found anyone local to me going through this. Forgive me if there is something on this site that i've missed, i'm rubbish with technology at the best of times! the support on here is absolutely invaluable but just wondered if there was anything face to face nearby. I'm aware of a few cancer support groups but was hoping i could find something more CC related. Please get in touch if your local and want someone else local to chat to or even meet with. 

Thanks in advance! 


I'm in East Yorks and haven't found much either. Which bit of God's own county are you in?




I'm in east yorkshire too! :) I haven't found much at all! I'll send you a message!