lmph nodes

Hi i just had a phone call from m nurse and the said that the think it is just in the cervix but one of m lmph nodes - the left illiac one showed up in the mri, the said no visible deposits but want to check and make sure it isnt anwhere else in m body by giving me a pet scan has anyomne else had an experience of this? thank you


I'm stage 2 with lymph node involvement,they put me straight on to chemo/ rads as treatment​, they scanned my chest an abdo to make sure it hadn't spread in the lymphs as the consultant said they are like tube stations with a line in between to get to other stations and he wanted to make sure no passengers had travelled.

They are scanning u to make sure u get the best care plan for u, I know it's easy to say try not to worry as 6 weeks ago I was in ur position an absolutely know how u feeling right now, as soon as they said lymph nodes I freaked an ran out the office,  the good news is u have been diagnosed now an they treating u.

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Dawn x

hi thank you im just really worried, i was hoping there werent any lymph nodes nvolved. Did it make a big difference to how you have been treated and your stsging? I'm just struggling to get answers from the hospital staff as I have to be referred a 2 hour drive from home to m treatment. I hope your treatment went well. How long have you had to have it for? Thank you anni

Mentally at first it was the worse thing I could hear but my treatment would of been chemo/rads anyway after talking to my consultant so I accepted it and after talking to people on here they helped me mentally deal with it.

If lymphs involved u will probably have chemo/rads, it affects us all different I'm still going into work when I can an not suffered much did effects just insomnia on day of chemo, I glad this has been my treatment an not hysterectomy as life is carrying on as normal an we not even had to tell the kids wot is going on. I'm having radio everyday for 25 session 5 week chemo an I m going in for an 18 hour braccytherapy session.

Hope that helps

Dawn xx