LLTEZ Results

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Well i joined this site a few weeks ago, after receiving an alarming phone call from my gp saying they had found something of concern on my smear. I wasnt given any other information other than i was being referred to the hsopital and i musnt ignore the letter.


What did I do, i Hit google and all i read was CC this and CC that, i lay in bed planning my funeral etc. Anyway the day after the hospital rung and said that tehy had a cancellation , i asked what i was bein referred for and they said a colposcopy..finally i knew what i was going for, i wasnt necessarily dying, they were ging to use a camera to get a better look. My appointment was made for the following day , i was a wreck. I arrived at the hospita; best friend in tow, only to be told they were carrying out the LLTEZ treatment there and then. I was sobbing uncontrollaby throughout the nurse and the doctor were so lovely and really tried to put my mind at rest, ..they failed.  asked the question im sure they hear day in and day out .." Have i got cancer " the dctor simply shook his head and said no CIN3" the nurse explained that this whatthey called severe dyskarosis, and was pre cancerous  however if there was nay cancer in the sample it would be microscopic and it would have all been removed.


They asked if i would prefer to get my results back in person, i said yes, so thats where im headed now, and now if im honest im worried sick, i dont see anyone else that has been asked togo back , that has had good news, so im currently sat at my desk at work sobbing. The last two weeks have been so emptioanlly draining, im exhausted. I got married in december and we had just started to discuss about having a family and now i cant help but think its all going to be snatched away, I lost my dad last year so the last 12 months have been horrendois, after getting married in december i thought that things were finally starting to get better , and feel now like i was totally wrong.


My husband is a bit overwhelmed by it all if im honest and keeps saying as most people do ..dont worry im sure it wil be ok , however the cold hard truth is , that it can quite easily not ending up being ok. Sorry for sitting here having a little pity party, i just needed to have a bit of a rant and feel sorry for myself , and ask the question , relastically should i be worried that i jave been invited back to get my results??? 


K xxxx

Your poor thing - sounds like you're really going through the mill with this :-( I think the part that stands out from your mail is they bit about them asking you whether you wanted to get your results in person. If they are anything like the staff at my local hospital, they are so kind and really do understand that all of this is traumatic and worrying for anyone involved. They probably offered to give you the results in person precisely because you were so upset, to make sure you understand them and can ask any questions you need to.

Also, if you wait for them in the post it can take an age and maybe they thought that the waiting would drive you crazy!

I send you a great big virtual hug, go get it over with lass and then at least you'll know that everything is (hopefully) OK

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Try not to worry - it is really scary and all us newbies to this process feel the same.  I had a biopsy that confirmed CIN3 too and have delayed my treatment a bit due to a holiday this week.   Try to focus on the fact that usually CIN3 is just CIN3 and nothing more

Good luck with your results


April 2015 - smear result moderate to high grade abnormalities

May 2015 - colposcopy and biopsy taken

June 2015 - confirmed CIN3

8th July - treatment booked in