LLTEZ Injection

Hi, I am new on here so hope I've done this right. I have had my smear test results back and have High Grade Dyskariosis and have my colposcopy on Wednesday. I am really nervous for the injection if I need treatment. I've had injections at the dentis in the past and the adrenaline has really made me feel funny and panick. I go all hot, shakey, and my heart feels like it's going to come out of my chest. Is it the same sort of thing? It's really putting me off going so any advice would really help. Thank you 

Hi Franny. It's totally normal to be apprehensive, but it really is so important that you go along to the colposcopy and have whatever needs to be done. The injection does cause a bit of adrenaline feeling, but honestly it is very short lived. I took some rescue remedy before I went in, and once I had the injection I just breathed through it, slowly and rhymically. Nothing is going to happen to your heart as a result of this even though it feels a bit funny and speeds up. Try not to panic as the bodies response is normal. The nurses are usually really good and will reassure you that it will be fine. Please don't put it off. All the best.

Franny, my husband has injections at the dentist with adrenalin taken out, because he is allergic. Maybe you could ask about it?

Hi Rachel, thank you for replying. I just get scared it's going to give me a heart attack or something, I know it sounds so silly but that's what actually goes through my head. I wish my appointment was today so I could just get it over and done with. You reply has really made me feel better, thank you so much.

Hi Katkin, I will definitely ask about that. Thank you very much 


Yes, it's the same stuff they use at the dentist. It does have adrenaline in which is what causes you to feel that way. As katkin said it may be worth calling the clinic and asking if they can use something else. But if they can't, it's worth remembering that it's just the adrenaline making you feel that way and practicing some deep breathing to help take your mind off it.


Thanks chocolate. Is it just the adrenaline that makes you feel like that and Is it dangerous?

Hi, I barely felt the injections they were better than i expected just a strange feeling in your tummy really only feel the 1st one dont feel the 2 after. hope this helps. wouldnt say any of the op hurts and they distract you pretty well :) 

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replied to me. It turned out that they stopped using injections that contained adrenaline at the hospital I attended because of the side affects it caused so that was lucky. I wish you all well and thanks again for your support it really made a difference.