I'm 65 years old and whilst smear tests (PAP smears in the US) cease at age 60 in the UK, mine have been abnormal since that time.  Recently the abnormalities have changed and I've recently had to undergo a LLETZ procedure.

I know that bleeding is normal after this procedure but 11 days in the bleeding seems to be getting heavier.  Is this normal?

I don't think there's any infection since the STs merely smell of menstrual blood, even though I'm well past my menopause.

Is this normal?

Hi Grannyannie...I also have had Lletz and am experiencing the same. At first, I was fine with just a clear, watery discharge...but after the initial week passed I began to bleed fairly heavily, which I took to be the onset of an infection as I have a Mirena coil in place and havent had periods for years (as this was one of the symptoms described on the info sheet given to me by the colposcopist on my way from the lletz appointment). I got antibiotics from the GP, but I too didnt believe that I had an infection as there was no pain, or offensive smell. I have now bled for 11 days, sometimes lightly, other times more heavily. Apparently, this is quite normal and differs from person to person after lletz. I hope this has helped x

Thank you for your reply est941.  The bleeding has now eased considerably so I guess all's well.