lletzs done!!

Hi ladies, 

i had my lletz done this morning & i am reporting in to say it's really not that bad!!!

i only got about 4 hours sleep night before so I was in a state of alert.  I had a slice of toast & coffee and took some painkillers before I Set off for hospita.  My friend came with me and I am so glad because I did not know how emotional I would feel & also I knew she wouldn't let me bottle out of it.  I won't lie, when I got my legs in stirrups I really thought i was going to cry but I didnt.  I wanted to just get up and walk out but I didn't.  Anyways, I didn't feel the local aenesthetic but I did feel a really weird sensation in my legs & my head went light & dizzy.  I think my blood pressure kept dropping so they had to keep laying me flat.  My lips went a funny colour & my hands were shaking but I guess it's a little bit of shock, adrenaline & relief.  Nowhere near as bad as having a coil or a baby, I know if I need the procedure again I will not be scared as its ok.  Incidentally the waxing of bikini was murder the night before so ladies, I promise it's really not that bad!! Not really bleeding but the smell is distinct. I slept loads this afternoon & I feel like I have period pains but I shall just have some more painkiller & early night as both physically & emotionally tired. 

Results in 3 weeks - fingers crossed


Sadie xx

CIN3 Hpv Pos


Yay :) glad to hear it went well! Now for the dreaded wait... Hope you get your results soon xxx


Glad to hear it went well and good to know. I have mine this morning, fingers crossed it goes as well as yours. Hope your results are good