Hi all,
I have got my lletz on Monday and really worried…
I have cin 3 and at my colposcopy she told me it was definitely pre cancerous… so really worried that after lletz something else might come back… also how long do u wait for results roughly after lletz?? And last but not least does it hurt as I’m really scared of needles the thought makes me wanna be sick xxx

Hi Loulou

I had a cone under GA so can't comment directly on the lletz. I guess you're getting yours under local seen as you mention needles. 

I would say it seems normal to wait 2-3 weeks for results. 

Best of luck. i am sure it won't be half as bad as you think! x 

Hi I had lletz under local. No I don't think it hurt at all, I don't like needles but I just closed my eyes and thought of something else, I don't remember the needle hurting. I waited 7 weeks for results but I think that's long compared to most people. Good luck for Monday x

Hi , I've had 3 lletz procedures and would echo Libby's comments . The injection really doesn't hurt and once the anaesthetic takes effect you can't feel a thing. After the first lletz my results came back in 4 weeks so I think that's fairly standard. I wouldn't worry too much about anything coming back as the treatment is very effective - around 95% need no further treatment ( I just happen to be one of the 5% that do !) 

good luck for Monday ! 

Hi Loulou

I had my Lletz treatment yesterday. Wasn't as bad as I thought...to be honest. Though being a redhead I did have some complications. I had to have a double dose of LA to numb me as I don't numb like normal people do. LA always has a nasty affect on me, makes me really queasy and shaky. The procedure itself only took about 10 minutes, but again being a natural redhead presented further issues as I don't clott so the Dr had some trouble stopping the bleeding. I'm now on bed rest for the next few days to make sure I don't bleed out. 

I'm awaiting the results of my biopsy and am nervous as hell. I lost my Mum to Cancer and my grandmother too. I've had skin Cancer 3 times and I'm only 33. I have 3 children so I am fortunate that my family is complete so any further treatment I need I'll undertake without any hesitation. I am just dreading the god awful C word and possibly being told I have Cancer. I am a nervous wreck atm. My partner is very understanding....though he does not cope with very stressful situations very well so he tends to retreat and pull back. So unfortunately I feel very alone right now in dealing with all of this. I'm hoping that joining this forum will give me some peace of mind and a bit of positive guidance. Sorry to highjack your post.

Rest assured the Lletz itself is a breeze, it's just the waiting for the results that is stressful. Wishing you luck on Monday x


    I had Lletz on Tuesday, I must be with the minority though as I found it quite painful. I needed double dose of local anaesthetic also. I found the injections to be like a long bee sting, during the procedure it felt like a lot of pressure  and uncomfortable. I do have endometriosis and interstitial cystitis which obviously causes inflammation all over, so this may be why it was uncomfortable. I have had a fair bit of bleeding since having the lletz. And anxiously waiting for my results.  I hope your wait for results is not too long. 

 I have endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis.

Suffer with pelvic, lower back, hip thigh buttock pains. Painful intercourse, painful orgasm, pain after sex, irregular bleeding, long and heavy periods. Bloating, headaches.

Had normal smear results every 3 years from being 18.(35 now) All gyne issues started end of 2013. Smear Nov 2016 High Grade (moderate) Dyskariosis. 

Dec 6th 2016 Colposcopy and Lletz. Waiting for results.