hi everyone,

2 weeks ago today I received my smear results which come back as an abnormal result? also said I’d be sent for a colcoscopy, which I had done Friday just gone and they preformed lletz treatment,
I don’t know anything about the result of my smear other than it was abnormal.
since receiving my results my anxiety has been through the roof! (already suffer with anxiety)
I’ve been doing nothing but looking on here reading all your posts and think your all amazing and so supportive of one an other. I’m so frightened of what their going to tell me and it’s consuming all my thoughts 24/7, maybe I’m being silly as I know there’s people going through alot worse :frowning: but I can’t help but feel scared xxx


sorry to hear about your smear result, I'm now 8 months on from receiving that initial letter telling me my results were abnormal and it totally sent me into a spin and I don't normally suffer with anxiety etc so knowing how I felt I can only imagine what you are going through (big hugs) 

i had my colposcopy and lletz in July last year and had to wait 8 weeks for the results of it, everyday was a nightmare and couldn't function properly, just wanted to get home and see if the postman had been, after 6 weeks (that's how long I was told it would take) I started ringing the clinic to see if the results were in, I finally got my results which showed cin 1, 2 and 3 and high cgin, it then went to the multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss the next step, which was to go back in 6 months. afree getting my results I seemed to slowly stop stressing as much until the week before my next appointment which was 4 weeks ago, at this appointment I had 2 smears done and 4 punch biopsies, she has told me I will def have to go back in 6 months but will wait for the results before making a treatment plan and I can honestly say this time round the waiting is no where near as bad, in fact most days I don't think about it except for picking up the post and wondering if the letter is there, reading everyone's stories on here has helped me a lot, knowing you're not the only one and that on the whole, whatever is found can be easily treated one way or another and now you are under the colposcopists you really will be monitored closely and everything is done relatively quick (except the waiting) 

i know it will be easy for me to say, try not to worry, relax, don't google etc etc but we all know we can't help it and the panic comes over you when you least expect it. So my only advice really is if you need to search, search this site, it really does have the best info and the best support forum, also, if you need to post something, post it, don't feel silly, you won't be judged, we all know sometimes it just helps to put it in writing 

wishing you all the best and hopefully your wait isn't too long 


hi picklepie

thank you ever so much for your reply, it is a big help to hear from other women going through or been through the same thing. I feel so lonely and lost in my own head but coming on here helps.

glad to hear things are going ok with you and the anxiety isn't so bad for you now. thank you for your kind words (big hugs) xx