Does anybody know what my consultant meant when said he had to go very close to the margin (cin3 LLETZ ). Thank you !  

When they talk about clear margins it means they take out a layer of healthy tissue around the abnormal area to ensure they get it all. He maybe could only remove a thinner layer of healthy tissue as a buffer zone? They'll biopsy what they removed to make extra sure that the margins are clear though :-) xx

Thank you Gretch14. So perhaps the cells went deep. 

Thank you Gretch14. So perhaps the cells went deep. I had my LLETZ the same day as you but under General Anesthetic as there was a large area to be removed and I was very nervous during the colposcopy when he took four biopsies. I have had some discharge over the last few days but no actual bleeding. it was pretty bad after the biopsies (about a week later

I was warned that they will probably have to do another LLETZ under GA because I also have a large area, and after biopsy and LLETZ they had trouble stopping me bleed. How did you find the GA? xx