Good Morning

I had a LLETZ on the 14th July 2015

So 13days ago. I have heave Red Bleeding 

When to the gynae on Thrusday and he gave me Cyklokapton to slow the bleeding, It has help a tiny bit,

He said it should stop by Thrusday,
Is it normal to be bleeding,

I fill a pad ever 4 odd hours, I have low iron so it makes me feel very drained.

I am stressed about it.

He said if it has not stopped i will have to go back in to theater to cortirize it again,

I am so scared to do this, as i dont want to be back at square one.
My doctor has not given me much infomatuion,

My period is due in 8 days.



I had a haemorrhage last week, i went to hospital and had to be cauterised using silver nitrate. Although it hurt (it stung) the results have been so positive.  I've been tired after but, i think that may be because i'm anaemic now. If you have any direct questions just ask :)