I had a LLETZ done a few weeks ago and have had a letter back say after removing a considerable amount off the neck off the womb,it showed that the cin3 is still extended inside the cervix.I lost my phone 2 day's after that appointment so the doctor wouldn't off be able to contact me and now my mind is all over the place the letter goes on to say where we can discuss the future management off this condition my appointment is 6 weeks after having my first LLETZ what could be the next (thing) they can do to manage this condition 

hi I had lletz done 3 days ago I had cin3 they didn't tell me wat they took and I'm really scared of what's gonna happen next can u help Kirsty?? Xx

Hi Kirsty im going through kinda the same thing feel free to email me so we can talk about this together and share our problems (email address removed) be nice to get an email from you xx

Hey guys, 

im the same as you both. 

They never said what they took. Just I will get results in 4-6wks. 

What results? 

I also had treatment at the same time. 

Scared!!! :-( 

Hi kerry nice to hear from you I am in the same position as you I have to go back in 2 weeks to find out what the next steps are going to be as I have know idea off what is going on really the doctor just told me that I had the cin3 and that he might need to do the treatment had an examination and said he would do the treatment then and their didn't say much more to me after he had done just that I would need a smear test in four to six months but got this letter a week after saying that it's still their and have to go bk 

I know about as much as you I think the results are to see how far up  the cin3 is in the cervix I can't say for sure??