Hi everyone iv just had lletz treatment after my first smear test. Found tbus really hard and cried all the way through. Cells were removed however nurse explained she couldn't remove all as would take too much of my cervix so just burnt the rest? She also tooj a biopsy before, im wondering what this is to show as iv already now had treatment?  Thank you xx

Hi Keggy

I'm sorry to hear you have been having a scary time, and I'm sorry too that the nurse didn't explain everything to you properly, perhaps this may have been because you were so tearful at the time. A biopsy is taken to check the cells they have removed to see what stage of abnormality they are. They may be pre-cancerous cells (CIN or CGIN) or they may already have become cancerous. Once it is known exactly what is happening inside you, your team can work out what the next steps they should take to make you fully well again. It seems that in the majority of cases no further treatment is necessary after a LLETZ procedure, so you may be lucky and not need anything else done, but you may be less lucky and need some more treatment. When the results of the biopsy come back from the laboratory I expect you will receive a letter telling you what, if anything, happens next. Do your best not to worry about it and see what happens.

Be lucky


Hi Keggy99, I hope you're doing ok after your LLETZ, sounds like you're being well looked after by your nurses.


Tivoli, you should write a manual! I love reading your comments, they're so helpful, honest but also reassuring :) thank you for being brilliant for us all :)

Thank you sweetheart! I only try to de-mystify stuff, take it out of the hospital and put it on granny's kitchen table :-)



Thank you both for your replies.  IM feeling much better and not had too much pain after first two days. I felt so silly after but I just found the whole ordeal terrifying and so painfull. They did say I had c1n3 after my smear and severe dyskaryosis? Xx