Went for colposcopy yesterday ended up a right faff due to having had a liver transplant 18yrs ago and they wanted me to have antibiotics first. Had initial smear rechecked and was down graded to mild and inflammatory cells, so initial plan was just biopsies today, but I was so worried about it not going away due to immunosuppresants they offered treatment which I took. Didn't hurt just felt odd someone having a rummage around inside, felt a bit odd afterwards and bit crampy now. Back home and having some lunch then going to chill out for rest of the day now. Glad the cells have all gone, il get the results back, but I know they aren't festering inside anymore. Thanks for everyone's support x


hope you're feeling ok today, take it as easy as you can for as long as you can!

hugs, Molly x

Back at work today, only 8-2/3pm. Didn't take any pain killers this am as felt fine, slightly regretting that decision now, on my break and about to have some as feeling a bit sore again! At college tomorrow so will be sat down most of the day but Fridays split shift might be tough. Hope your scans went ok and your feeling ok, read your posts but couldn't really add anything as not in quite the same situ.x