Hi, I had lletz treatment yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else out there that has had the treatment felt tired afterwards?

I felt okay yesterday, just a little achy but today I feel exhausted.

If anyone else has had this experience please let me know so that I know I am not alone in feeling this way.


Feb: Smear  test CIN3

Feb : Colposcopy CIN2/1

March : Ungradable biopsy

June: Lletz treatment

Hello, I had lletz yesterday as well. It went fine but have taken the day off today to rest as I feel exhausted too! You're definitely not alone! I think it's not only the physical side if things but the prolonged mental strain takes its toll too, constant worrying etc, you just keep soldiering on through it and now you're the other side of it I guess it's when it kinda hits you, and you feel tired out. I presume this is totally normal, so don't worry. Good luck with your results Xx