Hello everyone, 

here I am writing again.

it's been a month now since I had the LLETZ treatment and the bleeding doesn't seem to stop. 
I have contacted my doctor and she prescribed antibiotics but because of the corona virus they haven't done a swab to see if there is actually an infection going on. 

has anyone had the same situation? Bleeding more than 4 weeks ? I am well otherwise and have no pain or other symptoms. 

thank you 


Is it just pure blood or is it mixed in with watery discharge?

I had a lot of tainted discharge for over 4 weeks. It eventually calmed down. 

I would like to think that your doctor wwouldnt turn you away because of corona. For something that could potentially be seriois they shoulx still be having you in for a swab. I know the testing labs in the hospital i attend are still opened, so the gp should still be doing these important tests. 


Just to comment about doctors sending samples to the lab to check for infections.  Since my hysterectomy I'm prone to bladder infections (10 infections so far - it's a long story) and I usually get my urine samples sent for laboratory tests to monitor for antibiotic resistant bacteria.  I had a bladder infection about 4 weeks ago and the doc said not to send a sample on this occasion (because of corona) and just prescribed my usual antibiotics.  I was under the impression that if only if my symptoms didn't clear up would a sample be accepted for testing.


Hi Chiara my bleeding stopped after 5 weeks and at my check up I was told that I had healed well. I think it varies from person to person. Try not to worry but if you are worried ask your hospital team or gp or the Ask the expert on here. I hope you feel better soon