Hi all

I had a Lletz procedure 12 days ago. For the first 10days I hd minimal bleeding / discharge. now the bleeding and discharge has increased dramatically. Its not like a period though.

I have also had like a black flakey discharge  

Is this normal? when will this stop?

Sounds ok as long as it’s not smelly! Mine went through a variety of colours for around 4 weeks. If you are at all worried though, give the colposcopy unit a call as they will only be too happy to help.


I also had lletz done 12 days ago, minimal bleeding but lots of horrid brownish discharge.This morning have started to bleed a little more but not sure how to tell if its my period come a week early or if its just a healing bleed? any ideas how to tell the difference?

I had mine yesterday afternoon, i was expecting heavy bleeding but yesterday and today only spotting


Tails xx