Hello everyone I'm new to here and I hope you can help me or at least put my mind at rest.


I had my lletz done on friday and was a slight discharge but was due my period in 2 days time and I'm now bleeding heavy.  Do you all think it is just a heavy period or is it anything to worry about.

i had lletz about 3 hours ago! im due my period in a week or so and i asked about it. the dr said that it is likely to be heavier so im sure youre fine. of course, phone your gp if youre worried but i expect my next period to be a heavy one x

i had mine done, my cycle came 4 days later it was heavier. be cautious after the cycle.. if you start bleeding again.. or if you are in more pain than usual.. i started bleeding again bright florescent red and im believed to have an infection now. 


i has my LETZ the day I started my period it was very light so they did the procedure.

I then had a heavier than normal period with some ( sorry for tmi) what I can only describe as burnt cervix. 

I had no infection and was completely healed in the time given. 

But if you’re worried speak to your GP