Hi looking for opinions please. I had my Loop Exision for CIN3 cells on 5th May. On Friday evening when I went to the toilet I would pass quite a bit of blood. I never thought much of it so went to bed. I woke up in the morning and I went to the toilet twice and both times there was a lot of blood and small clots. Sorry for the details. I rang out of hours who arranged to see me. The doctor examined me and put a speculum up so she could see what was going on. I asked her if it was ok you do that cause I had been advised nothing was to go up until I had healed. She said it's fine to do cause that's what they would do to check in a hospital. She said I have an infection and has prescribed me antibiotics and a medication to stop the bleeding. No more episodes since starting the medication so it is obviously working. Does anyone know if the examination is likely to have caused any damage? My other question is does infections make you exhausted and drained? Just all of a sudden tirednes overcome me tonight and I had to sit down and have a little nap. Any advice is welcome. Tia x

I think the main reason you arent to put anything inside is the risk of infection, the doctor will have used a sterile speculum.  In any case she needed to check you out to establish the cause.