Hi I am currently 25 and just has Lletz for the first time. I was told I had CIN 3 just over a week ago and they got me in for the procedure yesterday. I was put under general as it was over quite a wide area and I become very anxious I had gas to put me to sleep as I have a massive phobia of needles into veins and got very worked up, once asleep they gave me a local as well. Can't thank the staff at my local hospital enough for how supportive they were. My First smear was in between all the processs of me going to the hospital and having my cervix looked at however my smear didn't pick up anything and it was only on looking they found something, the person that did my Colposcopy told me he thought that it was nothing to worry about but did a biopsy anyway. Turns out it was. I'm normally one to break down and cry as I can be somewhat emotional to say the least but It just hasn't hit me properly and the waiting is awful. Its really starting to affect my sleep more than anything I drift on then wake up and I'm sat thinking for hours. I feel like i need to rest after yesterday and I just can't switch off, I just want this to all be done with now. I just wonder how other people feel about it and I thought talking to people who understand may help me and you.


im currently awaiting my results also for the same procedure. i had my procedure done on Tuesday 31/1 the sleeping does get easier. How long did they say you have to wait for the results? Mine said 4 weeks. I've been emotional this week its hard to understand something could be wrong, but in your case and mine they could have got all the cells during the treatment. x 


I hope so i've had about 8 hours in 48 hours and thats been very broken sleep. They told me three weeks how about you? I'm haven't really cried yet which has shocked me. Yes it really is. Hopefully fingers crossed yours come back fine. X

The doctor said roughly 4 weeks, its so hard the waiting but no news is good news or so people tell me. Yeah I think last night was my first "proper" sleep since my treatment. I was okay during and after the treatment it only really sank in once the doctor said she will write to Me explaining the results or it will be consultants to start the next step of the treatment. When I heard that I had a mini mealtdown. I went into work the next day but only lasted the morning, not had to much pain it's very similar to period pain Have you experienced this? Hopefully we both get good results and put this experience behind us x 


      Im 25 and had my 1st smear last month, mine also came back with severe high grade. I had my appointment 3 days later at colposcopy. Majority of my cervix was covered in abnormal cells. I had the option to have it removed under local also known as lletz or general. I had it under local as i didnt want to wait i also had a biopsy to. Im still awaiting my results they said 2 weeks to get mine back but it was middle of last month and still waiting. I have broken down loads, i dont have kids but eventually want them. I know the feeling with the sleep its awful, i was quite lucky getting a cold in some aspect as it helped me sleep. Hope your results are ok fingers crossed x


 I think for all of us it's the waiting game now, i have mine under local which I found the worse part was the injection but it wasn't as painful as I had imagined in my head. can I ask which part of the uk you are based? I'm in the north west Im beginning to think the result waiting times is based on your area. They've told me 4 weeks so I'm hoping that this is the longest time it could take and il hear something soon. Hope you both get good results xx 

Had a bit of pain not really had any of the other shmptoms yet but my sheet did say it can take a few days. I haven't had children either which is another fear for me. There can be complications with early labour after having this treatment. I am going to treat myself to a bottle of wine tonight and hopefully this will get me off to sleep. I'm also based in the North West so that makes sense with the wait. Xx

I've had children (first born at age 18) my oldest is nearly 13 and my youngest is 11 I'm 30 years old. I can't really advise on that side but they do need to tell you the risks. I was reading an article about a stitch which they can put in place to avoid this risk which might be worth looking into? ah that's good to know we are in same area that's put my mind at rest with the waiting xx 

Hi all Sealed

I had a LLETZ under general anaesthetic last week and it was far smoother than I ever imagined. I had three abnormal areas identified in my colposcopy. I had never had a GA before so I was slightly apprehensive, but it was so quick and the staff were great. My results will be 2-4 weeks they said. I am in the midlands.

I have had no pain, no bleeding, just a couple of tiny scabs come away and some clear / very mildly light pink discharge now and then. 

I pop on this forum now and then for a peek and to read peoples updates. It's nice to know I am not alone :) I haven't been worrying or fretting at all though. It is what it is, and most of the time I just forget about it and get o with everything else. 

I am really very impressed with the NHS though! I was less than a month from smear test to the LLETZ! And they were all so professional, caring and kind. The surgeon told me my procedure had gone very well and as expected so that was good. 

Let's hope we all have fab clear news!! xxx

I had CIN3 cells removed on Tuesday under local and haven't slept properly since, between worrying about results and the stomach pains. I'm in the south of Scotland. 

Fingers crossed all will be well. But what will be, will be. 

Everyone seems to be struggling with their sleep. I do find a glass or two of wine helps me get off And I think we definitely deserve it. I am starting to get pains now after a couple of days and some discharge. 

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all xx

Ive been told not to drink due to the really strong pain killers I'm on Unfortunately. I'll just grin and bare it. 

Good luck with sleeping ladies. 

Hi Guys

I ended up in hospital the other night due to bleeding very heavily it turns out I had a clot and an infection, I have done everything right they said for me to do and looked after myself so suppose its just one of those things. I am getting quite a bit of pain atm hopefully this will pass. The antibotics i'm on are causing me nightmares and not to sleep. Just feel so stressed with it all and getting sick of the waiting And constant bleeding.