LLETZ yesterday please answer some questions

so after a biopsy finding CIN 2&3 which was shocking to me as I have always had normal smears yesterday I had a LLETZ procedure. But if a reaction and severe cramping after but then fine ever since and no bleeding so far. I was told I would get the results in 8 weeks but the consultant said it was not cancer but he thinks in around 10 years it would have been. In 6 months I will have a repeat smear and HPV test. They have not told me what strain of HPV I currently have. 

I would like to know if here’s much chance that this will be me cleared? What’s the chances of needing more treatment or my body not being able to clear the HPV? I’m feeling very guilty that I have brought all this on myself through sexual contact to cause HPV although I have only had a few sexual partners and never had sex outside a monogamous relationshiP. I’m terrified this won’t be the end of it and my family are going through this. 

Hi, I was told I had early cc after my last smear 3 years ago was clear.

It started with CIN 2 suspected at colp

Results came back CIN 3 after a punch biopsy was done

Lletz to remove CIN 3 and now I need another lletz as cc was found

If it is indeed confirmed as CIN then this is pre cancer and not cancer, my smear is getting re tested now as they believe it may be wrong. (My case is a rare one)

Please dont feel like its your fault, anyone could get this and the lletz is very effective.

I was also told that not all CIN does in fact turn into cancer vut some does so its still not 100% true you would of got cancer in 10 years time xx


I had exactly the same CIN 2/3 and then the LLETZ procedure, this was in June '17 and i had minor bleeding for the first week. Don't panic if you then start bleeding in the second week properly as this is when the scab falls off basically and then the wound starts bleeding nothing to worry about just your body healing itself. My bleeding lasted for about 2 weeks like a heavy period.

I've just had my follow up 6 month smear Dec '17 and have HPV positive, normally your body will get rid of it over a couple of years hence the 3 year spacing between smears but sometimes it takes longer. They don't know why some people can shift it quicker than others but it isn't something to be worried about.

This isn't your fault nearly everyone including men have HPV at one point in time but certain HPV strains cause cervical issues hence why we're all here :) most strains just get rid of themselves, like normal virus like cold some people get the hard to shift ones. Just have to take a deep breath and remember this isn't cancer, this is a precaution that it 'may' in 10 years time turn into something if not treated. You're on the ball, being looked after and treated and ensuring any changes are monitored and dealt with.

Take care x