LLETZ! Want to chat to people who understand


Wow so glad i came across this forum.. iv never joined one before!

So im 24 only 4wks ago had my FIRST smear and my result then took me to have coloscopy apt which i was teffified about worry about pain (some seeing my lady parts) everything i could stress about i did! 

So my coloscopy was lunch time today and they then and there decided it was best if i had LLETS! which i was not expecting (was slightly scared theyd tell me worst straught away but was more so thinking it would be just a double check up and send me off in 10/20mins) i had the anastestic and wow that needle hurt (but please noome read this be scared its secs just one of those real unsual feelings) and gosh i felt embarressment but  feel like crying my eyes out never felt this emotiinal feeling dont even know how i feel i feel lost! 

The smear and this is the cloesf anyone had to look at me (even in bedroom i hide under sheets lol) so feeling very vialated but i know itf for the best just so uoset they done LLETZ. This is the most serious thing iv ever had done and just feel so shook up! And was just hoping people that have the right words to say could help..

Hi Charax 

I've just had loop here in Australia and they give you a General anasetic and i felt very vulnerable. It was scary. Having to wait 6 weeks post op appointment for results is agonising. The Dr rang me today and told me I don't have any nasties but I have unclear margins, so might need to go through all that again. Try to stay positive and I'm taking a new line in life and going to get really healthy and hopes that keeps me busy and my mind occupied. I've got a 5 yr and 7 yr and need to be healthy and fit for them and to try and kick this thing. The forum is amaz ing to chat to others who are going through exactly the same thing. Take care and stay positive so much easier said then done. 

Hi, I feel there is a lack of info and you kind of arent expecting an operation mine was also done same day and I was an emotional wreck also the next day but then I was fine its just pads for the next 4-6 weeks but emotions will be ok again :) im in tomorrow for another colposcopy ! x

Hello  I too am awaiting results from a lletz treatment last week,  A bit like you I had mine at lunchtime last wednesday, I was all set to go back to work! Went on my own,  Doc took me in for preliminary and told me I shouldnt be driving why was I alone I shouldnt go back to work and I hadnt read my leaflet !!!  I was terrified as it dawned on me they were going to do something.  Didnt have a clue what though.  It was horrid, not really painful but just poking and scraping around up there and so bloody undignified and scary!!  Im 49 and had 2 kiddies so not really a wuss but went home and just cried and cried.  I only really worked out what they had done when I looked online the next day.  You will feel better but it takes time I am a week and a day now and still feeling sore and a bit burny down below Weird or what.   Really understand how you are feeling as I felt just the same and it helps if you know your not the only one.  I am waiting for results now but not sure what to expect, just if they want to do anything to me again will ask for a ga!!  Really hope you feel better soon.  Take Care xxx


Wow thankyou all for your replies!! Been checking emails all day and thought i had noone reply so glad i just logged back in! 

Cee80 - yeah i had general anastetic its a strange feeling the injection isnt it! And yes very vunerable i dont know why i didnt realise i would have sort of treatment!

Today i feel better not as emotional but still sad and i dont know why think it was like physical and mental shock at what had just happened down there!!

You hear so many that have smears and get yep lovely see you in 3 years, just devostating when its you isnt it! Going to be a long 4 weeks but trying to stay as positive as possible!

So nice to chat to you all! Iv tried to explain to friends and work friends and family but just so upsetting when you know they dont fully understand how its feels. You feel numb!

Also i have no bleeding which im a little worried about as i have read some people 2weeks later started bleeding!?!?

So nice we can all be there for eachother and have so much understanding for eachother on this site!! 

So just double checking so now iv had lletz i wait for results but itll can also come back that i need more removed is that right? :( 


Thankyou for your reply!!!!! Its terrifying isnt it when u go not expecting! Im only 24 and no children so not really had anything serious going on down there before! Think its why im so shook up.

You just find yourself waiting for letters upon letters in fright!

Take care too  xx

That is correct. Good luck!

When I had my LLETZ they offered to do it right there and then, and I said no, as my doctor said there was 95% chance that I'd need LLETZ but sending a biopsy away to the lab would be done to be 100% sure. So I said no, as I thought if they weren't completely sure, then I wanted to wait. 

I've heard that nowadays women are meant to be given counselling about the risk of premature birth after LLETZ, and what I don't get is if they do it there and then, then how can they have time to do counselling about the risks and side effects?

I was told nothing about risks, and later through my own research 13 years later, I am learning about the side effects of this procedure. 

I know how you feel! 

My dr didn't even do colposcipy befode saying he was doing the LLETZ! I didn't feel I could refuse it, ask to come back later when I had gotten my head round it or talk about a general anaesthetic 

it felt so rush and I was a bag of nerves and I too just wanted to cry! None of this is usual like me in a stressful situation but I've not even had sex in three years, I haven't wanted anyone near me in that time and suddenly here was some bloke somewhere so intimate cutting away at my cervix (the procedure itself wasn't too bad thankfully) 

i had felt so emotional about it and sometimes still do

im still waiting for my results three weeks on

if i need more treatment I'm asking for a woman (although there was nothing wrong with the dr I had! Just want a woman for my own sake) 

Aw not been on here for a couple weeks thankyou all for your replies i managed to pick myself up a little after getting my head around all the lletz shock! 

So 2 weeks after i had a phone to call to say they needed to talk to me which obv i freaked out as i new i got told to wait 6 weeks for a letter of results.

Thhey sat me down and told me and my mum that within what they removed was cancer in the abnormal cells :( i felt numb. But then in the same sentence told me it had all been removed i didnt no what emotion to feel happy that theyd caught devastated that this all happening with just my firat smear test :(

She told me they past on my notes to women cancer specialist and the decide what to do next but if not to just have smears every 6months..

This week i had a call saying they want to see me for another lletz which the doc had previously explained to me they try not to do 2 lletz only if nessecery.

My 2nd lletz is this mon just a month from my last im so confussed and sad that i have to go through it all again.

As im planning on booking a hols for oct.. need as much help as possible if anyone knows how to go about booking insurance