LLETZ vs cone biopsy

LLETZ vs cone biopsy

Hi all

I’ve had a letter stating I have high grade severe dyskariosis and have been invited for yet another colposcopy.

I’m assuming I’ll have an LLETZ during this appointment, but does anyone know under what circumstances a cone biopsy would be advised instead?

Also, any advice as to whether high grade severe dyskariosis could be low stage cervical cancer?



I had my LLETZ procedure 2 days ago now after testing positive for HPV with CIN3 cells found from my biopsy. I think a LLETZ is used when they only have to take a small section of your cervix tissue which can be done under local or general anaesthetic and the Cone biopsy is if they need to take a larger amount of tissue away which can only be done under general.

I was told the tissue they took from my LLETZ will now be further tested and just got to wait for my results now! Nothing was mentioned to me that CIN3 could potentially mean low grade cancer. Hope this helps x

Thanks for replying! So my letter after smear said high grade dyskariosis so I’ve got an appt in colposcopy clinic, am going to insist they do a LLETZ there and then as I’m not happy to wait 8 weeks for a biopsy result when I had a colposcopy done last week but no one bothered to do anything!

Arhh yeah the waiting times are horrible, it only makes you more anxious and think the worst!

Definitely advocate for yourself, when I had my colposcopy they took a biopsy I got my results 2 weeks later to say I need treatment and then I had to wait another 3 weeks until that appointment which gave me such anxiety all the waiting so definitely speak up and let them know your worries! Keep us updated if you have any more questions x

Thank you so much for replying. I’ve made a complaint again the awful gynae I saw as I had my 12 monthly smear done at my surgery and she wasn’t happy with how things looked nor the amount of bleeding so sent me on a 2 week referral to gynae, he did a colposcopy and a smear and told me everything looked normal when it obviously wasn’t so I’m not happy that he didn’t see and treat with a LLETZ at the time. Have decided this time that I’ll lay on that bed with my legs spread refusing to leave until they’ve done it if I have to!!! :joy:

Haha definitely, unfortunately it feels like us women always have to fight more to be heard! I had abnormal bleeding which is what made me go for my smear and all the way through when I’ve mentioned it I just keep getting told it’s “hormonal” it is so frustrating as you know what isn’t normal for your body! Definitely trust your instincts