LLETZ, very heavy bleeding and clotting 6 hours after


i had my LletZ procedure today around 4pm. Immediately after was fine but since around 7pm I have been having very heavy fresh blood and have passed some huge clots!

Physically I feel ok... but I’m worried about how much blood I’m losing, especially being home alone with 2 children!

just looking for some reassurance that this has happened too others and will calm down shortly or if it is quite uncommon and I should seek medical attention?

Im breastfeeding so not sure if that makes any difference!

Thank you x

Lisa - if you are bleeding very heavily call the colonoscopy clinic. Hope you are feeling better today.



I had Lletz treatment five days ago, I was pretty petrified before the appointment for the colpscopy and treatment.  It was embarrasing enough as it was a man carrying out the procedure and treatment but I just had to get over that.  I was most anxious about the injection down below but actually I didnt feel it at all or the treatment itself.  I have had no bleeding at all but i felt seriously bloated for 3 days afterwards and cramping for which i took nurofen with codeine. Ialso found drinking herbal mint tea seemed to help with the pain. I am not good with these kind of procedures and get myself really worked about them but it wasnt too bad at all.  If you are worried about any aspect of the procedure and/or treatment speak to the doctor as im sure he/she will take it on board and im sure they are used to patients being nervous or anxious!