Hi all,

Hope everyone is okay?

I had my LLETZ (CIN3) on Tuesday and now have a severe UTI. I am going to see to doctor tomorrow (hopefully!)

Has anyone else had this? I am baffled as to how it has happened :confused: maybe I’ve been holding my pee in as I’m scared to hurt my cervix.

I also wondered if anyone knew if all std’s are checked for when they take a biopsy during colposcopy?

Thanks all

Rachael x

if anyone can relate, it would be amazing to hear from you.



Did you have it under GA or local? If GA, they do put a catheter in, which can give you a bit of a water infection. It did to me.

As to the other, I don't think they test for STDs, well not unless you are counting  HPV as an STD in that context anyway!


I had my lletz with a la and about 3 weeks after got a bad uti, my dr said its f everything that went off, also he said wearing the pads for a while from biopsy to lletz treatment can cause them so assume it was that, I got some antibiotics and after a few days felt better and drank cranberry juice and water load. It's naff to get something like this when your just trying to get over the procedure itself, go to the dr's and get some antibiotics and you will feel bett soon. X