LLETZ update

Yesterday I went for my mammo ( had breast cancer) surgeon thinks all good. I asked her to look up my results from Lletz as you do. She said they were still looking at it and check tomorrow ( had it done last Tuesday) really funny my surgeon and the doc who did the Lletz are good friends. Called this morning and the results are back with the consultant. i was told it looks ok but would get a call today if anything to worry about. Not had a call so I guess "nothing to worry about"  how lucky am I to get two good results.

Lovely to hear hun!! :) thats really good to know!! Bet it feels like a weight off your shoulders now. No news is good news as they say! :) again, really good to hear hun!! Big hugs xxx

Thanks Hun, yes I can breath for the next six months then we start again. Hope your feeling ok I know it's not been easy for you. Xx