LLETZ - Unexpected stitches?

Hello all,


Seeking a bit of advice. I had a pretty traumatic LLETZ recently; I was put under GA at the advice of my consultant, but the cannula was inserted badly, meaning I had awareness during a bit of the treatment and the cannula site was agonising the entire time it was in (and nerve issues/major bruising after). So, I already have a pretty poor opinion of the whole thing. The surgeon visited me immediately after I woke up and told me it went perfectly. My discharge notes state that it was an uncomplicated procedure, and there's no mention of anything unexpected.


I was told in advance by the surgeon that if the excision was unexpectedly deep, or if they damaged my vagina accidentally, they might have to put a stitch in. After the surgery, no one said this had occurred, and the paperwork obviously doesn't mention it.


However, over the last couple of days (8-10 post op), I've found that a couple of lengths of black stitch thread on my pad (sorry if TMI!). I'm pretty thrown by this and a bit anxious that something may have happend that I wasn't told about.


Does anyone have any experience of this or what it might mean? And should they have informed me? I was pretty horrified as it was a complete shock - I'd basically been told I'd only get them if something went wrong, and now i'm pretty worried something bad happened that I don't know about.


Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!


M xx

Hi, Sorry to read that you’ve had a traumatic LLETZ. Unfortunately, LLETZs do come with risks, but those risks are enormously outweighed by the benefits.

I would advise to get in touch with the consultant and ask if it’s normal to have thread remains on your towel, were any stitches put in and why. If you feel you’re unable to do so, you could contact the Patient Advice and Liason Service (PALS) - it’s a free service in the UK, whom can act on your behalf regarding any queries about your record or treatment received.