LLETZ under Local or General?



I have been monitered for the past year for high grade cell changes. They have got worse, in the last two biopsys taken and now I am being pushed to have the LLETZ procedure. I've been booked in under local, but I am absolutely terrfied of injections and although I've told them repeatedly I feel like that hasn't been heard. Now with out being able to have a person there as support, I don't know if I will be able to lie there while they inject me and do the procedure. I was going to ask about an option for General but again, there will always be needles involved! My anxiety is peaking and I feel totally unable to make the decision for myself, but also feel there is no one to talk to as my fears so far have been ignored. In my previous Colposcopy's the nurses have commented on how calm I am, because I make loads of jokes and everyone is laughing, but I also have silent tears running down my face, making jokes is a way that my anxiety manifests and I actually find the examintations quite traumatic and will need days to recover emotionally. Has any one else had worries like this? It's been going on so long for me now, that I am so on edge about it, and feel like I could burst in to tears at any moment. I have a deep connection to my body, am a survivor of sexual abuse and find it very hard to be examined and to trust people with that area of my body in particular. There's a massive part of me that feels like LLETZ is super aggressive and I've read a lot about women having years of recovary, sexually never getting back to normal. I'm told this is all psychological but I've read several studies that say it's not, and in america there are doctors who don't agree with it because of the nerve damage that can happen to the cervix. My doctor won't even talk to me about this. My mother also had a preterm labour because of a weak cervix and the baby didn't survive. I'm 32 years old and haven't started my family yet, so this is another worry. It's just making me feel massively out of control. I don't know what to do or who to talk to. I've been feeling like I'm overly dramatic because the results aren't saying cancer, but I've been having so many problems for years that I'm terrified that if I don't act now everything will just keep getting worse. 

I just needed to connect with women who have thrived past this, sorry for the rambling anxiety!

Hi Nix,

I'm Sorry you are going through this. I am still currently waiting on my biopsy results post Colposcopy.

I just wanted to comment regarding anxiety as I also suffer really badly. I basically find having the examination intolerable. After many failed examinations I went to my GP and I was given (only to take on the day of the procedure) Diazipam. I took it about 2 hours before and it really did relax me as I was able to tolerate the examination and have the biopsy. I cried a huge amount when it was all over....with relief that I actually had it done as it's always really hard for me.

I am now awaiting results however I feel so much more relaxed knowing that should I need treatment I know I am.able to get support from my GP.

I hope this helps and you could talk to your GP about possible options.

Cat x


Sorry to hear about what you are going through. I can only help on a few points.

I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment on 29th Sept, I had 4 local anaesthetic injections - I only felt the first two, and they honestly felt no worse than the smear test. The dr made me cough at the same time which I guess is to help inject but also distracted me from what he was doing if that makes sense? 

After my appointment I was left really low and emotional for about a week, and I guess even now when I really think about it, I get upset. I came on my period quite soon after my treatment so I'm sure that didn't help with my emotional state. I had to work for the rest of the week, but ended up phoning in sick on the Sunday as I just couldn't face people anymore and literally spent the whole day on the sofa crying - it actually really helped me move past that emotional state. I've got to the stage now where I'm just getting on with stuff but in the back of my mind I'm worrying about my results! 
In terms of what happens with recovery, I guess I'm still early days and I don't know how well I will recover and what will happen next or in my future. So, from there my only advice is to take each day as it comes, listen to your body and don't be hard on yourself for being emotional or overthinking. We all do it! 

I hope that helps in some way.

Take care and good luck :) 


Hi there

I can relate to your anxiety. I went from low grade to high grade CIN3 in one year which was a bit shocking. Originally scheduled for LEEP under GA which I felt was best for me as opposed in office. They ended up doing a cone biospy under GA which was a great experience. Your doctor should offer you at the least some oral sedation in the office or find a doctor who can do it in the OR with mild anesthesia/sedation. I recommend it! Good luck!

Hi! As someone who suffers with anxiety too I wanted to leave a quick comment on this! 

I had my LLETZ procedure 10 days ago and I promise you it's not as bad as you're expecting. It's over in around 10-15 minutes and the nurses are really comforting and try to keep you distracted.

You don't feel the injection but from my procedure you can feel strong period like cramps from when they're using the loop thing, but that's it! 

I was panicking before going in and it didn't help that they left me waiting an hour in the waiting room because the receptionist hadn't booked me in and I could have gone in straight away lol so my mind was going crazy waiting on my own for all that time, but once I was in there it was fine. 

I'm stressed as my biopsy results were actually inconclusive so they couldn't tell me when I had high grade or low grade cells so I'm trying not to overthink as I've got to wait another 5 weeks for my results but fingers crossed it comes back they have all gone. 

if you need anyone to talk to then feel free to get in touch! Xx

Hey Nix,

Sorry to hear what you are going through. I am so similar about the jokes, I'm literally dying inside! I had my first LLETZ just over a month ago under local anesthetic and the bit that suprised me the most was the feeling that the anesthetic caused. Raised heart beat and shakey legs. It wasn't super painful but more uncomfortable than colposcopy. 

I'm about to have my 2nd LLETZ in just over a week and this time doc has said I have to have it under general. I'm still a bit nervous as never had a GA but in a way it's gonna he good as I'll have no idea of any pain or discomfort during it. As a sexual abuse survivor, this may be better for you? When is your LLETZ due? I'm happy to reach out and let you know how they both compare if it's before yours.

Also it's all an emotional experience so you're so normal feeling the way you do! 

Sending positive vibes!

Faye x

I feel like I could have written this! I have a diazepam prescription for my smear and colposcopy appointments which I find extremely traumatic due to a sexual abuse incident. I have been extremely lucky to have found a very compassionate nurse (Catherine at Kingston hospital if anyone is local) who is well are of my situation and does everything she can to make me comfortably and speed up the procedure. Unfortunately she isn't magical and I do need the LLETZ treatment which she has booked for me under GA. I am still terrified but knowing I'll be asleep is a big comfort to me. I have my pre op call tomorrow and will ask if I'm able to take some diazepam before the GA to make the whole thing easier.  I'm really just looking forward to this being over and moving on with my life.

Hey Hm89,

I am currently recovering from my second LLETZ which was under GA and it was way less traumatic than my first under local. I think being awake, your body natural tenses how ever much you try to stay calm. All the hospital staff were so friendly and reassuring when they knew I was nervous and woke up so releaved and like no time has passed at all.

Best of luck! x


Could you tell me more about what anaesthetic does, I mean about raised heart beat? Im waiting for my treatment in 3weeks and lately I really struggle to keep my blood pressure and heart rate under control. Going there to hospital it will be surely very high and i do not need any more "kick" to increase it, worried my heart will go into overdrive:(