Lletz under LA or GA?

Hi Everyone,

Awaiting my biopsy results 2nd year running but nurse said it seems to have got worse…more white area etc and will more than likely need treatment.
I didn’t think Lletz was giving under GA and thought only local? Does it differ from where you are in the Uk? I would REALLY appreciate GA as I was an absolute wreck during my biopsy and the week leading up to it. I just get so tense no matter what tips I try and then it’s more uncomfortable. Can I request GA? Thanks in advance.

You may be able to, but having LA is not that bad, and you’re less at risk that way.

You’ve had the biopsies, which I think is the worst part, as you don’t know what to expect. When you go back for treatment, it’s pretty much the same procedure as before, but this time, you’ll know what to do and what to expect. LA isn’t very pleasant going in, but the nurses are lovely, and you don’t feel the treatment itself. And then you can go home and carry on. But GA is more risky of course.

I’ve read a few posts from people that like you, wanted GA but ended up going with LA and found the experience so much easier to deal with than expected.

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I did think this but I knew what to expect this time round as second year running needing a colposcopy and I was still no better! I think I was probably worse because I knew what to expect :woman_facepalming:t4: I just didn’t think GA was even an option. X

Yeah I understand. I guess it’s not just knowing what to expect, but knowing what the situation is with your cervix. When you go for treatment, you know what you’re having done and why. When you go for colposcopy, you may always be anxious as you don’t know what they’re going to see.

If you are really concerned, you can always enquire about GA, but I’ve know a few people (including myself) that have gone for treatment with LA and they’ve all said the same thing. That is was easier to manage than the initial colposcopy and biopsies. It’s over quite quickly, I was in and out yesterday in less than 15 minutes. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :slight_smile:

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I believe they do LLETZ under GA if they need to go in further.

I had a LLETZ last year under LA but because the margins was not clear I was booked in for another one under GA as the consultant told me that it would be uncomfortable for me under LA as they needed to go in deeper.
In the end I didn’t have the LLETZ but a cone biopsy after my case was discussed in there meeting.
If your worried it’s worth asking the question with your consultant.

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