Lletz under general within 4 weeks

@Kerry86 Thank you so much for your help. I cant find a number online but i do have the gynecology booking number thats who ive been phoning.

Yes ring them and ask for the waiting list number :slight_smile:

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Ahh thats good news @Kerry86 xx I’ve not waiting that long so will phone if times ticks on. When have you got it for? X

Got my date!! 25th November…its with a different consultant now though, which i am nervous about as the one i was having it with is very experienced and top of that field but he is on leave so it means waiting until 13th December :confused: im just nervous but want it done.

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@Anonymous175 yay!!! Hope all goes well for you both - you’ll have to let me know how you both get on so I know what to expect :heart:

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I had mine for December 14th but they rang this morning after I asked to go on the cancellation list with a cancellation so it’s now been moved to 30th November:) don’t be left Lydia they seem to just like keeping ppl on a waiting list with no idea of a date! Hope you hear soon. X

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Hey ladies - hospital just rang I’m in on Monday :+1:t2:


Ah brilliant glad you’ve got a date.

I was supposed to be in tomorrow but now pushed back to the 13th December as ive come down with an awful cold & cough and am running a temperature…typical!! :frowning:

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There’s a few colds going round at work - I’m trying to steer clear!! Like you say it’s bloody typical!

Yeah!!! Good luck please let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Aww no!! Did you cancel it or did they? X

Well its not cancelled yet i am going to see how i am in the morning but they said its upto me i can go in and see what anesthetist says but they said they wont put me under if i have a cold and cough :frowning:

I will let you know if i have it done and how it goes

Yes steer clear :slight_smile: if i have to reschedule im doing the same haha x

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Hope you felt better this morning and it could go ahead :heart:

@Lydia1 no i wasn’t well enough still had a temperature and cough :frowning: booked in for the 13th Dec now, im gutted but dont want to risk a GA whilst unwell either.

Hope all goes well on monday x


Good luck for today! X

Ah that’s rubbish :frowning:

@Kerry86 @Anonymous175
Hey ladies! All went extremely well. Dr still wasn’t very forthcoming on the grade of the cells all he said was smear showed cin2 so somewhere in the middle :woman_shrugging:t3: suppose just got to wait the results. He’s confident he got them all but obviously will be confirmed.

No pain yesterday just an ache in my back low down and a small amount of bleeding so far.

Woke up feeling a bit funny but suppose that’s the anaesthetic and just light cramping just like period pain (can’t really remember what it’s like as not had one in about 10 years lol)

So please don’t fret guys (easier said than done I know) all the nurses were amazing. The longest part was waiting to go down - I got there at 12 and waited then til about 325 to go down but I was up in recovery at 355 and home by 6 xxx loads of people waiting too for all sorts like hip and shoulder replacements so it was good to have little chats to them keep my mind off it. Xxx

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@Lydia1 glad it all went well and you aren’t in much pain. Hope you have a fast recovery now and good news Dr thinks he got them all. X

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Great to hear! Mines tomorrow :confused: got to go in at 7.30 and can go down anywhere from 9-1. So how long before they woke you bk up do you think?

I was under literally Half hour - it’ll be fine honestly. I’m meant to be back in work tomorrow but still feeling washed out so will prob stay off.

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