Lletz under general and results

I first had my smeer in 2015 all clear I then moved abroad and then moved back last year I was sent a letter in October to come for a smeer I really didnt want to go due to the fact of being uncomfortable but I made the phone call to book an appointment. I went for my smeer few weeks later I recieved a letter saying not enough cells collected but possible hpv detected . My heart kinda sank so I had to wait 3 months. 3 months then past had my re smeer it took 6 weeks hpv Positive and high grade dyskaryosis my heart sank and I just fell apart . What if I had cancer what about not seeing my daughter grow up. I then had an appointment for a coloscopy for the following week. I went to my coloscopy and the nurse who was doing my treatment was lovely she took me to the consultation room and I just burst out crying she told me I didn’t have cancer. She wanted to have a look to decide on treatment etc. I got changed and she took a look she said there are cell changes etc you will need a lletz procedure but no cancer. The cells she saw are pre cancer if left untreated they will turn cancerous. I opted to have a lletz under general because I didn’t want to be in any pain etc . 3 weeks later I had my lletz I was nervous and I felt sick. I was first on the list for treatment prior to this it really hit me I was the youngest one there. Ther was women who were having breasts removed and wombs removed. So scary. Evrryone who looked after me were really lovely. The anethnetist and surgeon came round and spoke to me before surgery. I then went into a room to be put to sleep. I lay on the bed whilst one lady was looking after me whilst the anethnetist was putting me to sleep. She was lovely. He put the canula in flushed it and then inserted something which made me feel dizzy etc I went to sleep. I went under general and woke up lots of sickness which was horrible. 6 weeks I waited for results. 6 weeks have just passed so I chased them up at the hospital. I got told I had the all clear clear margins and come back in 6 months what a weight off my shoulders . Good luck to everyone going through this . Any questions fire away I’ll be happy to answer


Congratulations on your positive outcome! It’s so reassuring when people come back and post after their procedures so the rest of us see you are doing okay! So happy for you :slight_smile: I know you must be so relieved!

I got my biopsy results a few days ago, CIN2 so I have an appointment in a few weeks to meet and discuss LEEP treatment. Kind of nervous about the recovery and what to expect but also very thankful to have to ability to have this treatment and get those cells out! Do you mind me asking how your recovery was? All I keep reading is about massive amounts of watery discharge, not really sure what to expect!


Thank you good luck with your lletz i had mine under general but when I woke up couple of cramps and then stopped I had watery discharge for 2 weeks and some soreness on my groin which was horrible. That’s all I had really

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Thank you for your reply! Sounds like, aside from your groin pain, your recovery wasn’t too bad :slight_smile: that’s amazing!

Thank you for posting your story. It was comforting to read something positive.

Yh my skin was really sore and red wasn’t nice but good luck let us know how you get on.

Thank you for posting this, I am going in on Tuesday to get it done under general, how long did it take? Xx

I was first on the list to have my op so just after 9am I went down and woke up at 1130 ish

Thank you for replying, that’s good to know that it shouldn’t be too long thank you xx

Let us know how you get on good luck

I just wanted to tell you good luck with your appointment! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi, everything went well, I was third on the list so got taken down just after 11, I’m petrified of needles, so I was having a cry to myself while getting the cannula in, but the nurses and the anaesthetist were great, woke up around half past 12. With a bit of a sore head and throat, now I just have to wait for results. Thank you for asking!

So happy you’ve had it done now and over with! Positive vibes and prayers your way for amazing results :slight_smile:

Thanks Jackie, do you know when your getting yours yet?

Yes! I had an appt with my gyno yesterday to go over my biopsy results (even though they had already been posted) just so he could explain to me what they meant, etc…I have a “pre op” appointment on Tuesday the 27th where the doctor will go over the LEEP procedure and advise what to do/not do before the actual procedure takes place. I believe he said we will do it next Thursday the 29th :slight_smile:

I feel relieved after meeting with him yesterday and he told me the biopsy came back as he expected (CIN2) and nothing more, and that he biopsied the canal as well to check for glandular changes (came back negative). But he prefers to do LEEP under mild sedation, so just in office where an anesthesiologist come in and does it via an IV. But I’ve never had any form of anesthesia before so I am slightly anxious about it. Even though everyone I spoken to said it’s so easy and quick and really no big deal at all. Hopefully that’s true! Lol

That’s good news then, definitely wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting it to be, once they put the mask on me I was concentrating on my breathing next thing I was waking up, you’ll be glad when it’s all over and done!

Thank you so much for saying that, it truly made me feel better! I feel like at this point I’m nervous but ready to get it over with already so I can start healing and just move on with life! Lol