LLETZ under general anaesthetic


I had an irregular smear result back in April this year, with high grade (moderate) cells, I went for the colposcopy on the 4th May but they were not able to perform it due to my cervix being at a funny angle. I spoke to my sister, who has had a cone procedure and she said that they took the biopsy even though they weren't able to perform the LEEP under local with her. Is it the normal that they take the biopsy then? I am worried that they haven't taken one as it was obvious that things were worse than just CIN2... am I worrying unnecesscarily? 


I have my pre-assesment on Tuesday 6th May and the op on the following Tuesday. Does this seem quick or am I just worrying too much?


Thanks x

Hi, well I am going for the LLETZ tomorrow under GA will report back on how it went. 

Good luck. X

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