Lletz under general anaesthetic - 6 years on

Ive been visiting the colposcopy unit for nearly 6 years and for the first part was always told my cervix looked healthy even though my smears showed abnormalities.

18 month’s ago i was then told i had what looked like mild changes. Thry took a punch biopsy, which later confirmed CIN3. I had lletz treatment for this and it was confirmed clear margins.

6 mobths later i had my test of cure smear which came back borderline changes. Went for another colposcopy to be told all looks great see you in 3 years. To which i said I’ll see you next year, im not leaving this 3 years even if i have to pay for my smear. She added me to the nhs screening program for a year later.

1 year on ive had my smear results back and its gone now to high grade severe changes even though i had a lletz treatment 18 months ago. I went for a colposcopy i presumed to have another lletz performed but the doctor said i need to have you asleep due to your cervix bring so short and at a right angle.

He then looked into the opening of my cervix and that is where all the changes appear to be. I was mortified nobody had looked there before now. Has this been there the whole time amd never been picked up.

My appointment is monday for the lletz and im petrified what will be found. I can think of nothing else.

If amyone has had similar experiences i would love to hear from you.


Hi Sarah,
I am so sorry to hear you’ve been going through this, it sounds absolutely relentless. It is so frustrating to be in this position but I guess the best thing to do is to find out what is actually going on, once and for all and find a solution. It is great that the dr picked up on these changes. I have my lletz booked for Wednesday, though I’m due on my period on Tuesday. My first smear at 24 came back with CIN2, followed by cervical punch. Then a colposcopy 6 months later said still abnormal but appeared highly reduced and clearing. My colp 4 weeks ago looked menacing from the images, but I was assured not to lose sleep and that I would have choices should the results be bad. The nurse said Lletz would be just an option, but my results say I have to have it and they need to check what is happening. I can’t focus at work, I’m 26. Feel terrified and everything else feels incredibly pointless. However, we can do this and hopefully by this time next week it’ll be done and we will have an idea of what is happening. Let me know how it goes and take it easy! x