Lletz under GA

Hi, yesterday I went to the hospital for colposcopy and to have lletz treatment under local after receiving a letter to say I have severe dyskaryosis and need treatment. I was having the colposcopy when the nurses all started talking about something and simply said they would not be able to do the procedure under local and it would have to be under general. I asked why and all the nurse said is they couldn't do it and refused to answer any more of my questions and referred me to pre op in the hospital. After about an hour wait I went to pre op who explained the procedure but still wouldn't give me any answers. I don't even know if they took a biopsy at the colposcopy. Also the nurse in pre op gave me a lot of leaflets on cervical cancer which before the colposcopy I was told it was unlikely to be. I just feel they all know something and they are not sharing it with me so I am very scared ATM. Any one else had a similar experience? 

The only reason I could think why they need to offer you a GA is that your anatomy is difficult for access or they need to remove a larger area. I would advise to ring the hospital and speak with the lead colposcopist or speak with your consultant, why you’ve been offered a LLETZ under GA.