Lletz under GA with abnormal cells inside cervix


I’m a bit confused are abnormal cells that are inside of the cervix always CGIN? And has anyone had successful lletz treatment under GA removing and having clear margins? I don’t have too much pain and niggles as I had my Fallopian tubes out at the same time and that’s offering plenty of distraction. 


Three years ago I had a result of moderate dyskaryosis with the biopsy showing CIN 1 focal cin 2. They seen this area decrease over the next two years while I was Closely observed. My smear matched their findings during each colposcopy going from moderate dyskaryosis to nuclear borderline changes to clear. This time I was back to square one but the cells were found inside the cervix. I knew from last time that they would want to provide treatment if the cells would return this time and particularly because she couldn’t take a biopsy this time so had to do the lletz to get more accurate answers. With it coming back I was incredibly worried and I still am, I just know I’m in good hands. It wouldn’t surprise me that the results come back when I’m away again in a couple of weeks as it seems I receive this news when I come back from holiday! 


I just want to know what I can expect going from here as it seems more complex with the cells being inside the cervix. 


I had adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN so originating in the glandular issue in my cervix.

My first lletz was where my CC was discovered and I had unclear margins. My second lletz was 6 weeks later, I had a lletz and top hat procedure which is a little like a cone biopsy but squarer (if that makes any sense) under local to take a larger section from inside my cervix, this sample had clear margins.


How come you’ve now had the hysterectomy if you don’t mind me asking? And how are you healing from that? 


My worry is mainly that is has come back and that it’s inside my cervix, it was clear last year and now back to square one same as three years ago. Were the cells always higher up and harder to detect?  How is this in future  going to monitored as it’s so hard to find. It’s just worrying as I have no faith that the treatment gets rid of the virus and even if it does how will I know it won’t affect me again. 


I had a hysterectomy as a “belts and braces” procedure really as my family is complete and adenocarcinoma can develop skip lesions so can develop higher up or in different areas. CGIN is known to come back and any further abnormalities and they would have offered me a hysterectomy again. I could have opted for 6 monthly colposcopy for 5 years but no guard they would’ve been able to see what they needed as the glandular tissue is higher up.

Also I had abnormal bleeding between lletz and hysterectomy, following my hysterectomy the consultant told me they would not have been able to see what they needed as my cervix was scarred from the top hat and lletz. I have to say I did really struggle with the decision but it’s been the right one. I’m 3 weeks post op and recovering well.


I’m glad to hear you’re recovering well.

I’ve not been told I’ve got CGIN probably because I was extremely upset at my appointment with my abnormal cells returning but it’s the only conclusion I can make when I read up about it and the cells being inside of my cervix. Outside was clear and looked healthy unlike last time. I think in my case it entirely depends on their findings when the results from the lletz come back. I did tell the consultant I rather she took more than necessary than having to return for more treatment but I don’t know how easy that is in reality even if they have done the treatment under GA. 

I did say that if the abnormal cells would come back a third time I would want them to consider offering a hysterectomy even if it is major surgery with its own consequences surely that outweighs the consequences cancer brings with it. 

Totally,it’s a difficult decision and every case is individual. I have to say for me major surgery vs cancer coming back....well i opted for major surgery although as I say I did debate and took a couple of months to consider it all.

Good luck, I hope you don’t have to make the decision at all xxxx

Thank you, I hope so too x