Lletz under ga/stitches

I had lletz yesterday under GA because t hey said it was a large area in a tricky position.

The op took 3 hours due to complications and now I’m worrying these aren’t good signs!
The worst affected area bled heavily and I had 5 stitches to stop the bleed. After the op she said she couldn’t say this area was CIN3 as they previously thought due to how it presented / bled. I asked if she thought it was cc and she said I hope not but I can’t be sure! I’m petrified!

Another lletz is booked in to remove the rest of the abnormal cells that werent too concerning as she was worried about blood loss so decided It would be better to wait.

Anyone had an experience similar?

Thanks x

Oh you poor thing! I haven't had that experience but when I signed the consent form bleeding was one of the possible side affects. The doctor said sometimes this can require a hospital admission. When will you get the results from the biopsy?

Sending you lots of love and support, stay strong x