LLETZ under GA on Friday - what to expect at pre-op appointment?

Hi ladies

I had a phone call tonight, telling me that due to a cancellation, they can fit me in on Friday. Apparently I will have to go for a "pre-op appointment" tomorrow or the day after.

Can anyone tell me what this pre-op thing entails? Do they take blood? I have never had a blood sample taken in my life and find the idea pretty scary.

I was doing OK with this and the hypnotherapy that I had seemed to be keeping my medical phobia away but now that this all feels so imminent I am starting to get pretty stressed out by the whole thing. I tried to have the LLETZ under LA, but when the doctor tried to inject me, I nearly went through the ceiling. This has now made me doubt a lot of things. I was pretty cocky before the procedure, so many people on here had said that if anything the colposcopy was worse than the LLETZ and pretty much everyone said that the biopsies were worse than the LLETZ. Well, since I didnt feel a thing for the biopsies, when the doctor said "I am going to do the LA now, you'll feel a little scratch", I thought pffff probably won't feel a thing. OMG how wrong could I be. This has left me feeling very confused, as I didn't feel the biopsies, I've had local injections before and dentist's injections with no problem, and I have even been stuck with needles for 2.5 hrs at a stretch to create my beautiful big tattoos ..... and then the injection for the local hurt like hell.

Now I am worrying myself to death about how painful it'll be if they take blood, and for getting the canula in. Starting to wonder whether the associated poking and prodding for having it under GA will be as bad as the injections would have been for local anyway :-(

Anyway, I'm rambling ..... probably a bit stressed out .... but if anyone can tell me what the pre-op involves it'd be a help. At least I would know what to expect



Hi moggsy

My pre-op was just a tick box operation. You get asked a load of questions and they take ur height, weight and blood pressure. I didn't get bloods taken. They don't go prodding around anywhere at all, it was purely a chat really!! Please don't stress too much about the canula, the anaesthetists do this day in day out god knows how many times a day- look away, and you'll barely notice it going in. I was SO stressed and scared before my LLETZ under GA and afterwards I wondered why! I had such a positive experience and I'm sure you will too xx

I'm not sure what the pre-op involves, but when it comes to before your operation, make sure you are well hydrated. Drink lots of water (or squash) the day before. I donate blood and they make you drink loads and loads before. It keeps your blood presure up so they can find your veins easily and then you won't feel so wobbly afterwards as well. Nerves are normal, so don't beat yourself up. Make sure you tell the staff at the hospital that you are feeling very anxious, and then they will know to be extra-specially lovely :-) Good luck xxx

Thanks for your reply Nemo, it really helped! I am hoping that they don't want any of my blood either :-) I am in good health anyway, never had anything go wrong with me until this, so don't imagine that they would have anything to be concerned about on the pre-op. It's booked for 5.30pm tomorrow, the my op will be first thing Friday morning. Gulp.

It seems that my lovely doctor has told them that I am very anxious about all of this, so they have put me early on the list so that I don't have to wait around in the hospital for ages before they take me in for surgery, which is a relief.

I am really hoping that it all goes OK and is not too scary or stressful, but that's what I was expecting for LLETZ under local, based on what everyone had told me about it, so I think the very different way that turned out has really knocked my confidence. I thought I knew what to expect, but now I don't dare to assume that it will all be fine :-(

Thanks for the advice - I will definitely do that! Most of the people reporting that insertion of the canula was horrid also said that it was because the doctor/nurse couldn't find a vein, so if being really well hydrated helps with that, it's got to be a good plan :-)

The admissions lady told me that my doctor has let them know that I am very anxious and that as a result they are putting me high on the list so that I don't end up waiting around in the hospital for ages, getting progressively more stressed. Should mean that I am in surgery fairly early in the day, hopefully.

hope it all went well.

just some general advice for anyone else.  I have a terrible needle phobia.  I always ask for the childrens room when I get blood taken so I can lay down on the little bed, to avoid fainting. totally agree with the fluids suggestion and eat before a blood test if you can.  plus keep a little snack in your bag for afterwards to keep your blood sugar up.  it really doesnt hurt much, but its good to be prepared.

Also they offer a numbing cream for the canula if you are very nervous. but again its done so quickly you hardly notice.