LLETZ under GA advice.


I'm a newbie but have been a lurker for a while. I have my surgery on Tuesday and it's been such a whirlwind I haven't had time to ask questions. I got results on monday saying cin3 and should be quick and then a call tuesday to book it for next week.


I just really to know about er shall we say deforestation requirements for this. For colposcopies I have been having a good trim and tidy before which hasn't been a problem I'm just not sure if I need to be completely hair free for this one? 

I should probably be more concerned with the procedure but I am currently focusing on hair removal!!


Any words of advice will be gratefully received. 




I'm sorry but this post made me laugh & has made me feel soooo much better about myself! 

I had a trachelectomy on Monday & on Sunday rather than being upset by the whole thing I was more concerned about preening down there & if I should put abit of tinted moisturiser on my legs! My husband thought I was losing it! 

pretty sure it doesn't really matter what you are like down there otherwise it would of been stated or atleast recommended. 

I really hope all goes well for you next week.



:) I'm glad it made you smile! But now I'm seriously considering tinted moisturiser. 


I have a pre op tomorrow so I shall ask then if there is preference. All of this is completely distracting me from worrying so I'm going to run with it.


Good luck for your Trachelectomy!


That was exactly my thinking. I decided it must of been my way of coping with what was happening. I decided against the tinted moisturiser incase I got any streaks Or orange patches! 

Nothig was mentioned to me atal about 'down there'. 

I was just told no false nails, nail varnish, jewellery etc although I was allowed to keep my wedding ring on with tape over it. 


Hi Mikah,

I had LLETZ under GA last month and just made sure it was tidy down there Smile

I love how we all think of the same kind of things hehe. I didn't want to be bald or I would feel more exposed but would be paranoid about them laughing if I went in with a bush! My letter said to have a bath or shower on the morning of treatment.....who wouldn't seriously???

I hope your treatment goes well and good luck with your reasults x