lletz unda GA

Hi everyone I have posted befor I have been to hospital today they started to do LLETZ then said I need to be put to sleep for it :( so back in jab for loop under GA xx

What a disappointment to not have it done & dusted Today. I'm guessing it was because it was too large of an area of close to the vaginal walls? Before I knew I had a CIS & would need a trachelectomy, I was told I would need any treatmet under a GA as the abnormal area covered the entire cervix & into the vaginal walls so ment it could not be done under a LA. Do you have a date to concentrate on? I recently had my trachelectomy under GA & although a different operation I found recovery & the whole experience quite good really. I wad taken down to theatre at 10am & was back on the ward & awake by 12.30. I did then sleep pretty much the rest of the afternoon though. 

Big hugs



Ah hun sorry to hear that! Did they tell you why they were gonna do it whilst under GA? Hope you're okay! Big hugs. Xx

My cervix did not want to found lol she could only see galf of it and it was hurting as she kept trying to go deeper then someone els tryed n still could not see all my cervix and they don't want to risk just doing what they saw then be back agen for more and no I don't have a date yet will get it in post prob in the new year now :( I did want it dobe befor new year as I could start next yr knowing am all clear but hay ho one good thing I won't be in pain Xmas day :) xxx