Lletz treatment

Hi everyone i had my lletz on Monday 21st December for suspected cin1/2 as I didn’t have a biopsy
And I have not had any bleeding just pelvic pain and lower back pain…I’ve had a small amount of light brown discharge…sorry tmi…but that’s it…is this normal???
Any answers will help

Hi Sarah, the discharge I believe is fairly normal, I get the same after colposcopy and biopsies. 

Sending big hugs Hun xx



It sounds entirely normal from what I've read and what my colposcopist told me.  I also had mine done on the 21st and have had the same discharge, either light brown or black, only today I've started getting loads of clear, watery discharge which I assume is just my innards giving themselves a good clean. After all, they have just been barbecued.

I was also advised that if it was going to start bleeding again, it would be around now (1 week after) and that heavy bleeding is sign of an infection.

Don't worry if you're not getting any horrible symptoms, just be glad that you're healing well :)

Thanks ladies

Was just a bit worried as I've read that loads of people bled straight away......

I guess we all react differently 



I also had LLETZ on the 21st (Christmas present I don't want to get again eh??!!) I also haven't had any bleeding. 

Have had cramps on and off since and some discharge so I think you are right we all react differently. X

Hey ladies

So we all had out lletz on the same day.....great! ....however did the doctor tell you when you will be getting results ...like how long it would take.....mine says 10 days which I thought was quite quick......I'm so anxious.....

I think the waiting is the hardest part..   

Yh see last 5 weeks have been awful....I just want it to be over

I have all these pains and I'm worrying the worst....even though the surgeon who did my lletz said it was highly unlikely it was anything sinister it's just such a scarey process also having health anxiety on top of this just don't help either 


I had my colposcopy on the 22nd. I am a suspicion of CIN3. When the nurse did the colposcopy she said it was a small area that looked abnormal. She did Lletz by using the smallest tool she had. I was told I will be bleeding for a few weeks and then it will stop. It's been a week today and only had a bit of brownish bleeding on the first day. After that only a light brown discharge. It smells, like when I have my period (sorry for sharing too much information). The other girls that have just the discharge..does it have this slight odour? I can smell it all the time and I'm so paranoid...I think my colleagues can smell it when I sit next to them at work. do I need to worried or is it normal? 

I'm feeling bit bloated and flatuated. I was worried at first due to no bleeding but after reading that you had the same I feel a bit more relieved. 

I'm wearing pads and I now have a mini rash because of them. It hurts/stinge a bit. Did anyone else have this? Are you able to recommend a cream that might help with this? 

Waiting on my lab results. I'm really worried. All sorts of thoughts go through my head. I've done a tone of crying and feel depressed. I'm due to get married next year and instead of being excited for my wedding I've lost all interest in the planning until I know what's happening with my lab results. 

I would truly appreciate it if you could reply to my questions above. 

Thank you! 

GP xx


Regarding the smell from the discharge I can't say I've had it....as I suffer from health anxiety tmi loool but I always smell my pads.....sorry I know it sounds gross but to me it's normal as I have this condition......

It dosent actually have a smell......

I'm not too sure what that could be....maybe go to your gp and explain it to them

I too have been wearing pads everyday since treatment but I have not had any unwanted symptoms like a rash etc....I have read on here that a few ladies did have some reactions to wearing pads everyday and someone suggested organic ones ...apparently it helped her....so maybe you can look into that....sorry I can't be much help.....in regards to how your feeling....I can 100%agree with you these last 5 weeks have been awful mentally and physically I can't really function it's just been too much....it's the waiting that's been the hardest everttime my phone rings my heart jumps....

Hope you feel better soon

Sorry I couldn't help much xx