LLETZ treatment :(

Hey everyone.

I am new to the forum and just needed some advice following lletz treatment in which I had Friday following an abnormal smear

which found high level of HPV and CIN 2 cells.

I just wanted to know if anyone else just felt really run down and tired after having the treatment. Since I have had it I have had

a full on cold come on, feel sick and very tired, I also feel very emotional and just so alone.

I am now awaiting the results back which should take 3-4 weeks and the wait just feels like agony, I just want to know that every

thing is going to be ok and I will be ok, just so tired and hormonal.

The stress lately hasnt been helping on my relationship, just felt so emotional and stressed lately that I feel I have pushed my  partner

away and now I need him he is so distant from me, he can barely look me in the eye, hug or kiss me and every time I try to talk to him

he snaps at me, I just feel so scared and alone right now.  Worrying about my relationship and all this cervical stuff just feel like I will

have a breakdown :(

I am also having tests done for an underactive thyroid which is stressing me out, I just feel so ill and feel I am having no solutions

at all.


Any advice would be much appreciated.

Bless you, sorry you're having a rough time. I felt very tired and washed out for a few days after my LLETZ too. Take it easy and look after yourself. Remember if there is anything to worry about they will be in touch quickly so waiting isn't necessarily a bad thing (although I know it feels like it!) I hope you have someone you can chat to- talking about it really helped me to feel a bit more relaxed.

Ally x