lletz treatment

Yesterday i had appt for colposcopy as my smear test results came back as high grade, when they did the colposcopy she said the area wasnt that bad and would do the lletz treatment straight away. Neither the doctor or the nurse spoke good english so i really struggled to know what was going on. At the end i wanted to ask lots of questions but knew i wouldnt be able to understand them so i just left.


Yesterday i had the worse stomach pains even the pain killers didnt even touch it and everytime i stood up the blood just ran out of me, is this normal? I got told i will have to wait up to 4 weeks for the test results to come back, is this to say whether they were cancerous or not? Please can someone help me to understand what happened yesterday why did they do the lletz treatment if the area wasnt that bad and is the amount of pain and bleeding normal?



Everyone's recovery is different. Did you get given an aftercare leaflet? I believe mine said if I was filling a pad of blood more than every thirty minutes I was to call the womens clinic where I had it done. I actually didn't bleed, only very light pink spotting but then I bled an awful lot during the procedure so what was supposed to take 20 minutes ended up taking well over an hour and they were just trying to stop me bleeding. I almost had to go back in for more treatment. If there's anything you are unsure of call the clinic - it's better to be safe! I had a lot of pain (some people say they get none) and couple days later got a very smelly discharge turned out to be infection. So always seek advive from a professional.. Hard to go wrong then x

Thanks for your help. The pain has gone and the blood flow is slowing down now. 


Hopefully its a sign of things healing now.