Lletz treatment

Hey, I was wondering if you could help me. I had my lletz treatment done a couple of weeks ago. I'm only 23 and I really don't understand what they've done and what it is? All I keep reading about is different stages (cin or something like that). I kept bleeding after sex, I was referred to the hospital the nurse said there was abnormal cells and then they took them off and I have to go In for another screening in 6 months. It may sound silly but I'm really confused, is it cancer? Will it come back?? Thank you for your time.



Hi Erin

Sorry to hear youve had to go through all of this, youve come to the right place though.

I am not a doctor but think it sounds quite positive that they have got rid of all your abnormal cells and do not need to see you for six months. If your results had come back that you had cancer they would have advised you of this and have a meeting to decide what happens next.

its really good that they will be keeping an eye on you, i apreciate this is a worrying time for you hun adn your right it is all so confusing.

sending you massive hugs hun xx