LLETZ Treatment whilst on Period?

Hi all,

I am just wondering whether anyone can shed any light on undergoing a LLETZ treatment whilst on your period?

After finding out I have CIN 1 and 2 cells, my LLETZ loop diathermy procedure has been booked for the 12th January. However, I am due to start my period on Friday 9th January. My period usually only lasts 3-4 days but I am concerned I will be turned away from treatment if I am on my period... even if it is very light! Has anyone had any experience with this? I could always do my pill back-to-back but like to avoid this if possible as I get very emotional!

I am also having the procedure under general anasthetic as I had a bit of an ordeal at my colposcopy appointment (ended up passing out and throwing up so the consultant agreed I woudl be better having the procedure under GA) - I don't know if this makes a difference also?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


* First Smear: Oct 2014 - high grade dyskaryosis.

* Colposcopy Appointment in November 2014 - punch biopsy taken for further analysis

* December 2014 - Results showed CIN 1 and 2. Consultant has referred me to undergo LLETZ treatement on the 12th January.

Hi Hedow,

I would ring the Colposcopy clinic where you are having your treatment and check with them. I know a lot of the time they don't do it if you are on your period but as your having it under general I don't know if it might be different. Best to call them though as you don't want to get there next week to be told they can't do it. And at least your a week ahead getting a new appointment if you need one :)

The clinic should also be able to advise if they think it's best you did your pill back to back in order to get the treatment done. I found after lletz I was quite emotional anyway, I think being under GA just took it out of me, so may be worth it as a one off.

Hope all goes well. I had my lletz under GA last year and it was fine. Much better than I anticipated.

Good luck xx

Yes I think it varies from clinic to clinic. I know mine wouldn't do it during the period. If it was me, I would take the pill back to back, and was advised to after my LLETZ too, but obviously that's your own choice. As Fiona says, ring the clinic to make sure, as maybe they can do it during the period when under GA?


Just thought i'd let you know that i was on my period when i went for my Lletz. I had got a cancellation appointment last minute i didn't mention to them that i was on my period. When the nurse when to start the procedure she did notice there was blood around i said that i had just finished my period she wasn't bothered at all she actually said that it works out better because i would be bleeding a bit afterwards anyway so it wouldn't come as too much of a shock to me.

I think the only reason some clinics would not want to do the treatment whilst you on your period is if you have really heavy periods as you can imagine its not nice for them to deal with and it just gives them a clearer workspace shall we say. If i were you as you can plan ahead i would take your pill back to back just to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps xx


I took my pills back to back because I wasn't sure when my colposcopy would fall initially. I didn't want any more complications than necessary.

Good luck with your LLETZ. Its not too bad, the worst part for me is the waiting to see if they got it all.


Hi ladies,


Thanks for all your help on this! I've actually just spoken to the secretary of my consultant who has advised me that taking my pills back to back is the best option! Thanks for all your advice and support.

All the best with your results Suzysooz.

Thanks Hedow, hope your LLETZ goes well. I honestly didn't find it that bad, the worst part for me was the vinegar staining which you must have had done at colposcopy. Oh and feeling the odd sensation of blood trickling down my numb bum, whilst they cleared up.

At least you don't have to worry about whether any bleeding is down to LLETZ or good old mother nature calling.

By the time you are ready for your next P, you should be all healed up and can put this behind you :-)



Hi heDow, they don't seem to bother gynacology, when u are on your period, my mum had to attend before Christmas to have a polyp removed, whilst she was there they said they would remove it there and then,she was on quite heavy, and felt a bit embarrassed, but they said it didn't matter, they couldn't rmove it in the end she has to go back and be put to sleep, but you might find on enquiring that they tell you to attend anyway, good luck xx


I've just had the same treatment by GA on December 18th and i was on my period and bleeding very heavy.

I told them as soon as i got the hospital & they said it was no problem and carried on with the treatment as normal.